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Should You Remodel Your House for Multigenerational Living?

A big trend in the modern American lifestyle is changing the way we remodel our homes. read more

5 Real-Life HOA ‘Horror Stories’

When purchasing real estate, you might be one of the 25 percent of people who purchase a property in a common interest development, which is more […] read more

Tax Tips Help Clients Deduct Remodeling Costs

Can homeowners deduct the cost of their kitchen remodel on their 2013 taxes? How about the interest on the home equity line they used to fund their bathroom upgrades? Answer those and other homeownership tax questions by posting to your website a free article, Your Top Homeownership Tax Questions Answered, from the REALTOR® Content Resource. […] read more

Apr 8

Mortgage rates fall again

Mortgage interest rates have stayed in a narrow, very affordable range all year. read more
Apr 3

Learning the True Costs of Living in a Community

Relocating can be one of the most exciting and important decisions a family or individual makes. When families relocate, they’re choosing more than just a house or apartment: they are also selecting the schools, job opportunities, green spaces and other characteristics that come with that community.   And, at the center of it all is a […] read more
Apr 1

Easy Ways to Hide Your Home’s Flaws (17 photos)

Like it or not, most of us do not live in picture-perfect homes with gorgeous kitchens and baths, gleaming wood floors and vast windows that open to stellar views. Take the little California bungalow that Mike and I share. It has some well, one or two really great features. The ceilings arent… read more

Hot Pockets

Custom pool tables with touches like black felt and vintage car parts give pool sharks a good name. read more

Hurdles shrink for jumbo loan shoppers

Read full story for latest details. read more

How to unload a timeshare

Many timeshare owners have struggled to get rid of properties they bought. Check out these suggestions … read more

Real Estate Lien Information

A real estate lien attaches to a home’s title and prevents the homeowner from enjoying a clear title until the debt that initiated the lien is paid off and the creditor removes the lien. Because liens attach to property, a piece of real estate can carry a lien after being transferred to a new owner. This isn’t common, however, as buyers typically prefer to purchase homes with clear titles to avoid paying the previous owner’s debts. read more