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Should You Take Real Estate News Into Account When Buying?

Here are three strategies for approaching a real estate transaction in the era of information overload. read more

How to Improve Air Circulation in a House

Proper air circulation is crucial in any home, because airflow regulates temperature, removes impurities, prevents mold and just creates a more pleasant and safe breathing environment. By contrast, poor air circulation can actually endanger your health. When your home’s air seems stagnant, or its air circulation otherwise leaves something to be desired, take steps to get breezes flowing again for a healthier, more comfortable home. read more

How to Make Your Front Yard Attractive

Your front yard is the first thing visitors and passersby see, so you want to make a positive impression. Dying grass, clutter and unkempt landscaping are just a few problems that drive down the curb appeal of the yard. Once any problems are fixed, you can add landscape features, such as planting beds, to boost the visual appeal of the outdoor area. Your front yard updates can improve the value of your property, in addition to pleasing the neighbors. read more

How to Decorate a Tiny Office

Whether you run a business out of your home, work on the occasional after-hours project or just need a quiet spot to do the monthly bills, having a dedicated office in your home is key to being productive. Choosing the right decor for your home is also important, though, since you want to make sure that the space is comfortable and promotes concentration. When you’re dealing with an extremely small office space, decorating can definitely be a challenge. If you keep your design simple, however, you can create an attractive and effective home office no matter how tiny the space. read more

Why You Should Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling

Here are three reasons why a pre-inspection may be a good idea. read more

'Retailers Are Hungry for Space'

Developers are ramping up construction in the retail sector as current supply dwindles, the economy improves, and as store chains look to expand…. read more

Aug 7

Are Smart Meters Dangerous?

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Aug 5

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates, Application Activity Stable

Mortgage rates for 30-year fixed mortgages remained stable this week, with the current rate borrowers were quoted on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace at 4.06 percent, up only 2 basis points from this same time last week. read more

It’s Official: ‘Money Pit’ Home Hits Market for $12.5M

The home’s sellers are hoping it proves to be an anti-money pit. read more

Tips on Moving to a Colder Climate

A move to a colder climate is more involved than adjusting to an occasional red nose and chilly fingers. read more